Manage the Internal Audit Lifecycle

A consistent, risk-based approach can help you execute your internal audit program with greater efficiency while meeting the needs of your senior management team and audit committee.

Manage the Internal Audit Lifecycle

As the responsibilities of internal audit groups expand, we provide targeted products and services to help these teams meet rising performance expectations through our RSA Archer® and RSA SecurID® portfolios.

RSA Archer® Audit Management

Take control of the complete audit lifecycle with improved governance of internal audit activities and integration with risk management and compliance functions.

RSA Risk Management Practice

Implementation, support and advisory services that assist with internal audit transformation.

RSA SecurID® Suite

Identity and access management solution that provides a detailed audit trail by tracking who has access to what, when access was requested, by whom, if/when access was granted, and by whom.


Get visibility into key risks and underperforming internal controls with real-time dashboards that help identify gaps and ensure internal audit teams are achieving their plans.

​Improve collaboration with business partners in risk management and compliance functions.

​Out-of-the-box best practices aligned with the latest Institute of Internal Audit (IIA) standards and Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) framework.

Meet demands from top executives, audit committees, regulators and other governing bodies for a risk-based audit approach.

Automate your entire audit process (audit entities, audit planning, engagements, findings) and consolidate it into one system.

"The [RSA Archer] Audit Management and Compliance Management solutions support the organization’s auditing efforts and compliance responsibilities by providing an automated, centralized platform for accessing information about previous assessments and managing those which are ongoing or due in the future. As well as supporting enterprise-wide compliance initiatives, these products also reinforce greater accountability and better working practices within individual business units through assessments focused on individual managers and delivery teams."
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