Improve Your Security Operations Center

The global shortage of cybersecurity talent is forcing many security organizations to get smarter and leaner.

Many cybersecurity organizations are drowning in a sea of alerts, causing them to overlook important signs of a cyber attack or data breach. Our combined suite of products, staff augmentation and advisory services is designed to help you chart a business-driven security strategy, prioritize limited resources and investment, and mature your cybersecurity operation all while improving threat detection and cyber incident response.

RSA NetWitness® Logs & Packets

Reduce the amount of time it takes to spot, investigate and remediate cyber threats with a single, unified SIEM platform that processes security data from a wide range of sources in real time.

RSA NetWitness® Endpoint

Cut the cost, time and scope of cyber incident response by monitoring activity across all of your endpoints, on and off your network, and by blocking malicious files with one action.

RSA NetWitness SecOps® Manager

Bring focus, discipline and speed to your security operations center and manage your end-to-end cyber incident response process with consistency and rigor.

RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice

Enhance cyber attack and data breach preparedness, accelerate response and sustain business resilience.

RSA Incident Response Practice

Minimize the financial, operational and reputational impact of a cyber attack with swift, sure incident response services from RSA.

RSA Archer® IT & Security Risk Management

Determine which technology assets are most critical to your business so that you can prioritize investigations and focus on protecting what matters most.


​Improve the effectiveness of your security operations center with industry-leading and independently top-rated products and services for advanced threat detection and cyber incident response.

​Battle-tested professional services team with the most real-world experience dealing with advanced cyber threats in the most rigorous business environments.

Expertise and innovation in applying industry best practices and frameworks from NIST, SANS, US-CERT and VERIS.

​Best practices honed over the course of 35 years and thousands of engagements, including in 370 Fortune 500 companies and 48 of the Fortune 50.

​Alleviate burdens on security operations teams by giving them tools, technologies and capabilities built to ease and prioritize their work.

"With RSA…we don't have any missing pieces anymore. We can detect advanced malware and security incidents on the perimeter, and use RSA Archer to register and handle them all. It's the backbone of our security analytics center."
Rasmus Theede
Corporate VP Group Security