Improve Endpoint Security

Endpoints remain one of the most vulnerable attack vectors for companies. And with the number of endpoints inside organizations expanding every day due to increasing use of mobile and IoT devices, companies need to take a multi-pronged approach to endpoint security that includes improved monitoring, threat detection, and identity and access management capabilities.

Protect your endpoints from advanced cyber threats by preventing attackers from using compromised credentials to access your systems and by using an endpoint monitoring solution capable of detecting malicious activity that other systems miss.

RSA NetWitness® Endpoint

Monitor all processes, executables and behaviors across all of your endpoints (servers, desktops, laptops), on and off your network, and block malicious processes and files with one action.

RSA SecurID® Access

Protect your enterprise and your endpoints with a complete identity and access management system and two factor authentication that combines secure access with a frictionless user experience.


Gain visibility and control over the governance, management and access of users (regular or privileged) across the identity lifecycle, helping to minimize identity-related risk and ease compliance obligations.

​Definitively answer tough questions when a cyber attack takes place: How bad is it? How did it happen? How do we fix it?

Reduce business risk by providing secure and convenient access controls, including two factor authentication and single sign on, to confirm people are who they say they are.

Accelerate cyber incident response and prevent attacks from spreading by empowering security teams to blacklist malicious files, then block and quarantine them with one action across all infected endpoints.

Offers the most actionable insight into identities and access to protect your enterprise and minimize the friction users face.

​Alleviate “alert fatigue” by flagging suspicious endpoints, prioritizing them according to an intelligent risk-scoring algorithm, filtering false positives and providing a clear visual indication of each endpoint’s threat level.

"A lot of the malware we see today is very hard to detect, so we look at different clients. RSA NetWitness Endpoint is great at enabling us to detect this unknown malware and the people trying to hide in our network."
​Rasmus Theede
​Corporate VP Group Security