Authentication Reimagined

Deliver secure, convenient access from the cloud to the ground with RSA SecurID® Access

  • Provides convenient, secure access to any application, from any device
  • Delivers a full range of authentication methods, including mobile push and biometrics
  • Deploys in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid model
  • Trusted by more than 25,000 organizations worldwide

Modern Authentication for Evolving Access Needs

Your mission: To enable users to get access to whatever applications they need, quickly and easily, without sacrificing your organization’s security posture.

Your trusted partner: RSA SecurID Access makes access to any application from any device seamless and secure. It’s the only modern authentication solution that can support all your use cases, protecting the assets that matter most, from the cloud to the ground.

Take RSA SecurID Access for a Test Drive

The RSA SecurID Access Test Drive is the quickest and simplest way to try our advanced mobile multi-factor authenticators, which include push notification, fingerprint ID and eyeprint verification, for free. See how convenient and secure multi-factor authentication to cloud and on-premises applications can be with RSA SecurID Access. Sign up now and get started in minutes.

Analyst Report

The Death of Two-Factor Authentication

Learn the cornerstones of a modern approach to authentication in this complimentary report from IDC.

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Is Your Authentication Strategy on the Right Track?

Find out what a modern authentication strategy should encompass and what to look for in an advanced authentication solution.

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It's Access to Anything, Anywhere, at any Time

Today, access is the key to business growth and collaboration, and more people need it than ever. Indeed, without quick access to cloud-based and on-premises systems, productivity is squandered, and no one can afford that.

Keep your users soaring with RSA SecurID Access, the most widely deployed authentication and identity management solution. RSA SecurID Access provides the right people with the right access, ensuring users are who they say they are and protecting what matters most. This is identity reimagined. 


Eliminating Access Blind Spots

Find out which access blind spots create the greatest security risks for organizations and gain strategies for eliminating them.

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RSA SecurID Access Product Selector Tool

Answer four quick questions to find out which edition of RSA SecurID Access is right for your organization.

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It's About Having the Confidence of Thousands

When you’re on the brink of change, even small steps can feel like a monumental risk. But when it comes to selecting RSA SecurID Access, you’ve literally got the confidence of thousands behind you. More than 25,000 organizations worldwide trust RSA SecurID Access to protect their most valuable assets and manage 50 million identities across cloud-based and on-premises systems. This is identity reimagined.


Solution Brief

RSA SecurID Access Solution Brief

Explore the vast benefits and capabilities of RSA SecurID Access.

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Data Sheet

RSA SecurID Access Authenticator Choices

Learn about the many different authenticators we offer, including push notification, fingerprint and eyeprint ID, hardware and software tokens, and more.

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Case Study

Strong Authentication for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Find out how RSA SecurID Access provides strong authentication for VPNs.

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White Papers

  • 6 Keys to Successful Identity Assurance Learn the six elements that make up an effective identity assurance strategy, allowing organizations to confirm their users are who they say they are.
  • Authentication Your Way Find out how RSA SecurID Access can help your organization modernize and simplify IAM while delivering convenient, secure access to users.


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